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Construction Dewatering

Groundwater flows can greatly impede construction site progress. Construction Dewatering lowers the groundwater table so excavations can proceed unimpeded by those flows. A properly designed dewatering plan for mitigating and temporarily controlling groundwater flows keep a project on schedule.

Each project is unique, so we offer a combination of approaches for temporary construction dewatering. Whether you require our services for wellpoint installation, drilling deep wells, or need assistance designing a turnkey dewatering solution for a specific project site, we are ready to help.

Holocene works with Registered Professional Engineers and Licensed Hydrogeologists to deliver proven dewatering design methodologies that meet your project requirements. This approach includes creating professionally designed and stamped dewatering plans for a specific dewatering site. By working in tandem with these professionals, we ensure our dewatering systems meet the performance standards required for your project.

Stand-alone Service Areas

Each solution is designed as a stand-alone service; you choose which type of dewatering service best fits your needs.  By approaching each project individually, Holocene ensures the best solution for every project. 

  • Dewatering Wellpoint Jetting and Drilling
  • Dewatering Well Drilling, Submersible Pumps, Construction, and Development
  • Full-service Dewatering including Pump System Installation, Operation, and Maintenance 


Well Point Jetting & Drilling


Deep Well & Submersibles


Turnkey Dewatering Systems