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Crane-Assisted Drill Placement

Some difficult drilling sites require the use of a crane to move our equipment into position. For these sites we use cranes to lift and place both our truck- and track-mounted drills into position. We have partnered with skilled, certified crane operators and subcontractors to assist us with this task.

Crane-assist allows us to safely locate our equipment to drilling pad positions previously considered inaccessible, or that are encumbered by active construction. Both mobile truck mounted cranes and tower cranes like those located on construction sites are frequently used to move our rigs safely into position.

Crane-Assist Planning

Before using a crane to move a rig, our crews develop a specific mobilization plan based on the needs of the equipment and the site-specific parameters for access. This allows us to plan and prepare to safely and efficiently move our rig into position. Once on-site, our field crews work closely with crane operators and/or general contractors to develop a specific “critical lift” plan designed to ensure a safe, efficient move of our drills into position.

Because crane-assisted placement can be risky, Holocene only partners with crane contractors who possess the proper certifications, and trained operators with the experience and skill required to move our drilling equipment under difficult access conditions.