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Custom Dewatering Plans

Our strategies include conceptual, preliminary and final dewatering plan design services performed by a licensed Professional Engineer or Hydrogeologist. Our approach includes preparation of detailed plans, engineering drawings, groundwater table analysis, and dewatering calculations before and during construction.

Often the best source of advice for dewatering a specific site is that of a Professional Engineer or Hydrogeologist, so our experts work with you through each project planning step. This includes walking the job and working closely with your engineering staff on everything from calculating groundwater flows, to developing custom dewatering plans, to reviewing bid specifications for accuracy and developing specific plans for installing the systems.

Custom Dewatering Plan Services

  • Recommendations of proposed dewatering methods
  • Performing a detailed review of Geotechnical investigation report including grain size analysis and permeability tests
  • Review of area geology and hydrology to determine stratigraphy, permeability of the ground, groundwater flows, and overall topography of the job site
  • Consideration of proposed dewatering system space limitations on the site and surrounding structures
  • Review of existing structures, construction types, and potential for settlement
  • Performing a detailed take-off analysis of plans and specifications for the project, including construction schedule to develop accurate cost estimates