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Deep Dewatering Wells & Submersible Pump Systems

Larger Diameter Dewatering Well Applications

  • Deep Dewatering Wells
  • Test Pumping Wells
  • Observation Wells
  • Groundwater Remediation Wells
  • Recharge Wells
  • Tunnel and Shaft Dewatering Wells

Holocene offers effective and innovative submersible pump solutions to groundwater problems using deep wells.  By offering a professional turnkey service from initial design, drilling, supply and installation of pumping equipment we assure an effective dewatering solution.

Deep wells are installed around an excavation to lower the water level and maintain a safe, dry site.  Greater drawdown levels and the ability to overcome the limited suction lift of vacuum wellpoint systems can be made by the installation of deep well dewatering systems.  Deep well dewatering systems provide effective dewatering for groundwater between 20 feet and 100 feet deep.  This choice is best when large volumes of water must be controlled.

To create a deep well system, larger diameter wells, usually on the order of 2” – 8” in diameter, are inserted vertically to the appropriate depths for the project.  The wells are placed using large hollow stem auger or mud rotary drill rigs.  Once drilled, installed, and developed, the wells are fitted with appropriately sized electric submersible pumps lowered to the bottom of each well. The pumps are then used to push the water up from the bottom of the well and through the discharge piping system. 

Deep wells can also be advantageous where there is limited space to install wellpoints close to an excavation.  This is because deep wells can be located at a greater distance while generating the required drawdown rate.  Deep wells are also used for water extraction wells, groundwater remediation and as a point of aquifer recharge in pumping systems to limit ground settlement.

Holocene can also supply generators to power these pumps when jobsite power is unavailable.

Advantages of Deep Well Dewatering Systems:

  • Installation to 20’ – 100’ foot depths
  • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” dewatering wells with submersible pump systems
  • Installation distant to the excavation site to minimize obstruction
  • Ability to penetrate strata impervious to other methods
  • Allow for drainage of large areas, depending on soil conditions
  • Full service installation by an experienced, fully trained field crew
  • On-site maintenance by Holocene field technicians assures maximum efficiency and monitor drawdown levels
  • On-site power generation available


Dewatering Well Drilling, Submersible Pump Installation, Operation, Maintenance, and Well Decommissioning:

  • Mobilization/Demobilization
  • Start Cards/Permitting
  • Dewatering Well Drilling, Development, and Installation
  • Dewatering Recharge Well Installations
  • Dewatering Observation and Test Wells
  • Well Development—24-Hour Pump/Step Drawdown Tests
  • Deeper/Larger Diameter Dewatering Wells
  • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” Submersible Pump Systems
  • Generators
  • System Set-up (Monthly Fee)
  • System Calibration/Maintenance
  • Dewatering Well Decommissioning