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Dewatering Projects


Confidential Commercial Airplane Manufacturer

Client: Ceccanti, Inc.
Location: Renton, WA

Dewatering wells were drilled and installed with a combination of drilling and jetting methods on this long term, ongoing project. A combination of auger, sonic, direct push and Kumatsu PC 60 track vehicle were used to drill and install dewatering wells up to 20’ deep. Holocene connected the wells to a manifold and installed both 6” and 8” dewatering vacuum pumps to complete the installation. The project is on an active manufacturing site that required significant coordination.

SR99 King Street to Holgate Phase 2

Client: WSDOT
Location: Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle, WA

Holocene jetted and installed dewatering wellpoints as part of this large public works project. Work included the drilling and installation of a series of 8” recharge injection wells to support dewatering discharge during operation of the system. Due to site contamination concerns, an innovative recharge well system was designed and installed to recirculate discharge water from the wellpoints back into the aquifer eliminating the need for groundwater remediation and costly disposal.

City of Burlington 2012 Street & Sewer Project

Client: City of Burlington
Location: Burlington, WA

Work on this project included the installation of a vacuum wellpoint dewatering system along 300’ of excavation alignment on busy a right of way. A series of 2” vacuum wellpoints were installed to depths of 20’ and then attached to a 12” Thompson rotary vacuum pump to support excavation operations below the water tables of each area. The scope included developing and implementing a dewatering site plan for placement of the equipment as well as installation, operation, and maintenance of the system for the project’s duration.

Stormwater Infiltration Study

Client: Various Eastside Municipalities
Location: Various Eastside Municipalities

Holocene’s crews supported an extensive stormwater infiltration study for multiple municipalities by providing observation well drilling, installation and development of test wells. Development of the wells included 24 hour pump step testing performed at several locations. The groundwater flow and stormwater infiltration study also had difficult equipment access challenges that our crews needed to overcome prior to drilling on each site. This also included input from stakeholders and the assurance of minimal damage to property and environment near each of the drilling and pump test locations.

Cabela’s Retail Outlet

Client: Cabela’s
Location: Smokey Point, WA

This project’s scope included turnkey dewatering services and the installation, operation, and maintenance of a vacuum wellpoint system during site utilities excavation. Crews installed an array of 2” wellpoints to a depth of 20’ around the excavation perimeter and attached them to a header and manifold system connected to a 12” Thompson rotary vacuum pump. Pump discharge included the use of Baker tanks to reduce turbidity of discharge water and to allow for settlement of solids prior to reintroduction to the existing site storm drainage system. Field crews provided ongoing field support to the project for the duration.

King County Airport Taxiway Rehabilitation

Client: King County
Location: Georgetown, Seattle, WA

This project involved the rehabilitation of Taxiway A at King County International Airport. Because of active and ongoing flight operations, all work was performed at night or during weekends to not disrupt air traffic operations. Field dewatering crews installed a series of 2” vacuum wellpoints to 20’ using the hydraulic jetting method. Wellpoints were plumbed to a vacuum header and manifold system driven by a 6” Thompson vacuum wellpoint piston pump. Variations in groundwater depths throughout the course of the project required additional calibration and maintenance adjustments to the system to ensure peak dewatering performance for the duration of this project.

Emergency Waterline Repair

Client: City of Tukwila
Location: Tukwila, WA

This project involved the emergency mobilization of Holocene’s dewatering equipment and field personnel to support an active waterline failure in downtown Tukwila, WA. Our staff worked with City engineers and its General Contractor to quickly design, deploy, and install a high capacity 12” Thompson rotary vacuum wellpoint pump connected to a series of 2” vacuum wellpoints to mitigate the damages and facilitate waterline repairs. Because of emergency nature of the work, all work was performed day and night until the dewatering system was up and running in support of the contractor’s repair and excavation activities.