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Difficult Access Drilling

We specialize in drilling in areas and locations other companies can’t. Our reputation for developing innovative logistics and plans on complex projects with difficult or remote access is unmatched. From constructing platforms to access challenging boring locations, to using specialized cranes to place rigs into position, or mats to avoid damage to the environment, we excel at technically challenging drilling projects.

Typical Difficult Access Scenarios

  • Wetland Crossings
  • Environmentally Sensitive Habitats
  • Track Mounted Rig Capabilities/Ultra Small Maneuverability
  • Low Clearance/Tower Down Drilling
  • Narrow Widths/Tight Spots
  • Angle/Incline Drilling
  • Custom Fabricated Drill & Crew Platforms
  • Self-Propelled Remote Control Rig Operation
  • Indoor Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Our equipment includes low clearance rigs for drilling under canopies and inside buildings, as well as track mounted drill rigs for reaching drilling locations inaccessible to truck mounted equipment. Our crews are specially trained in developing solutions for working on sites with restricted overhead and other dangerous drilling conditions.

We've completed many projects under exceptional difficult access conditions because we use our expertise to devise the right plan using the right equipment. From slopes to wetlands, from rail rights-of-way and rail transport of drill equipment to indoor building footprints, we can complete difficult access projects safely and obtain the subsurface information you need.