Drilling Methods

An overview of the various drilling methods offered by Holocene Drilling Inc.

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Drilling Methods

Multiple Drilling Methods

We use several drilling methods to conduct geotechnical and environmental assignments for geotechnical, environmental and engineering professionals, utilities and government authorities, and contractors and constructors.

  • Direct Push Probe
  • Hollow Stem Auger
  • Sonic
  • Mud Rotary
  • Rock Coring
  • Hydraulic Jetting

We work with clients to ensure drilling methods are matched to your project. Engineers, geologists, and project managers know we successfully perform some of the most challenging drilling projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Sample recovery is vital for quality data from soil and water samples, so choosing the right drilling method is critical to a project's final design and budget. Using appropriate drilling methods means the best possible design information.

We achieve excellent recovery rates in all ground conditions by employing various drilling methods using a range of equipment for diverse projects under varying conditions. We apply these drilling methods accurately and carefully, avoiding the downtime caused by changing methods after initial equipment mobilization. Arriving on-site with appropriate equipment using correct drilling methods makes good business sense.