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Drilling & Sampling

Drilling and sampling is the foundation of our business. Our methods adhere to ASTM International standards, and we employ stringent quality control measures for accurate sample collection. Our goal is to provide samples that depict the most accurate, detailed subsurface conditions. 

Key to every geotechnical or environmental drilling project is sample recovery and quality. The methods and procedures we use to obtain soil or groundwater samples are equally important, because these samples will populate the studies used to drive future site recommendations. Consequently, we use only such precisely calibrated tools as the automatic hammer system to collect geotechnical soil samples.

Our environmental sampling systems enable us to collect discrete water and soil samples from a single borehole. We use direct push probe, standard ASTM split-spoon sampling methods, and other techniques prescribed by field engineers and geologists to obtain samples. Such techniques include the use of peristaltic pumps to obtain groundwater samples.

Our professional knowledge of environmental sampling systems guarantees an accurate, cost effective and efficient portrait of the subsurface profile.

Other subsurface sampling options include:

  • Direct Push Probe
  • Split-spoon / SPT Sampler
  • Modified California Sampler or Dames & Moore Sampler
  • Shelby Tube Sampler
  • Piston Sampler
  • Pitcher Barrel Sampler
  • Hydropunch Sampler
  • Peristaltic Pump Sampler


Sampling Accuracy

Holocene uses either a 140 lb. or 300 lb. calibrated automatic standard penetration hammer in accordance with ASTM standards, providing the most consistent and accurate blow counts available in the industry today.