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Environmental Projects

Sonic Drilling in an Industrial Landfill

Client: Aspect Consulting, Seattle
Location: Former Industrial Landfill, Tacoma, WA

Multi-phase project utilizing a Geoprobe 8140LC sonic rig drilling and installing multiple 4” diameter wells to 120”. Larger diameter tooling was used to facilitate the installation of a gravel filter pack. Continuous soil sampling and above ground monuments.

Thermal Remediation Site

Client: Confidential
Location: Greenlake, Seattle, WA

Phase I of this multi-phase project was for the installation and thermal treatment of a chlorinated site. Hollow stem auger was used to drill and install electrodes for electric resistive heating (ERH) treatment of PCE source area and direct push probe was used for the installation of Temperature Monitoring Points (TMP’s). Scope was completed safely, under budget, and ahead of schedule. Phase II involved direct push probe sampling of the still hot treatment area for conformational soil samples. Hot sampling protocols were required for handling samples and to protect from thermal burns from steam venting.

Deep Monitoring Wells

Client: G-Logics
Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA

Soil vapor probes were installed at several locations using direct push probe and five deep monitoring wells were installed using our GeoProbe® 8140 LC Rubber Track Sonic rig. The project also required Vac/Air Knife utility clearance to approximately 8’ below grade at all locations. This project required coordination with multiple municipalities and complex traffic control. Sonic drilling was held to a tight schedule, due to traffic control time constraints, and all was completed safely and on-time.

Ecology Toxics Clean-up Program

Client: GeoEngineers
Location: Former ASARCO Smelter, Everett, WA

The scope of this multi-year environmental EPA Superfund project included the drilling and installation of hundreds of groundwater monitoring wells. Hollow stem auger was used to drill, sample and install a series of both shallow and deep groundwater monitoring wells to be used in conjunction with clean-up and remediation planning activities. The scope included both Upland and Lowland drilling locations and subsequent residential and commercial properties located adjacent to the former ASARCO Smelter Site.

Sound Transit D-M Street Project

Client: Sound Transit
Location: Tacoma, WA

Holocene provided environmental drilling support along the D-M Street rail alignment for properties located within the Sound Transit easement boundary. Work on this project included environmental drilling, sampling, and well decommissioning. Both truck and track mounted equipment was used to access challenging drilling locations including industrial, former dry cleaners, and other hazardous waste sites along the alignment.

Puyallup Landfill D

Client: City of Puyallup
Location: Puyallup, WA

This project included the drilling and installing a series of monitoring wells along the perimeter of this former landfill. Work also included the repair of existing wells and flush-mount monument covers that had sustained damage since their original installation. All wells were designed in accordance with State of WA DOE standards for the construction of resource protection wells.

Vashon Island Retail Gas Station

Client: Confidential
Location: Vashon, WA

Work on this site included drilling, sampling and installation of monitoring and soil vapor extraction wells for a retail petroleum facility. The Diedrich D-50 low clearance drill was used to provide access to the tight constraints of the under canopy fueling aprons. All crews were HAZWHOPER trained.