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Marine/Offshore Drilling

Drilling and sampling over the water requires combining the right planning, equipment and experience. Our crews are regularly sought after for this type of work because of our offshore drilling & sampling experience.

Our crews have the unique knowledge and skills required to work on technically challenging offshore drilling programs. Our offshore drilling proficiency includes the ability to drill in inclement weather, heaving and artesian conditions, in strong currents, and operating in intertidal zones. We have the understanding and technical depth to work through the more difficult drilling and sampling conditions associated with the marine environment.

We partner with the best marine and barge subcontractors to ensure a safe drilling platform for our crews to work from regardless of whether we are drilling on inland rivers with high currents or exposed Puget Sound waterways. With our good marine partners, we bring the correct resources and equipment to complete offshore barge drilling projects safely, on time and on budget. Over the years, these strong relationships have included leasing barges, specialized drilling platforms with moon pools, and using tug services for safe, fast, and efficient transport to the drilling platform and back to port.

No matter how complex your offshore drilling program is, you can be assured that Holocene has the correct marine partner with the right experience to assist in accomplishing your barge drilling objective.

Managing Marine Risk

Our crews understand the increased risk of working over water. We employ special safeguards, measures and safety plans designed to prevent injuries or lost or damaged equipment on barge drilling projects. Our crews complete rigorous offshore drilling work training, including instruction on the rules specifically pertaining to offshore drilling operations mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard. Further, Holocene crews and equipment carry and meet the proper insurance coverage requirements of the United States Longshore and Harborworkers' Compensation Act (USL&H) and The Jones Act.