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Project Support

Difficult drilling challenges are our business

We’ve had success tackling difficult drilling projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our support services and subcontractor relationships play a key role in our continuing success. We put powerful resources and creative logistics solutions in play in difficult drilling project access.

These services include:

  • Safety Certifications and Programs
  • Environmental Safety Certifications and Programs
  • Difficult Access/All Terrain/Low Clearance Drilling
  • Marine/Overwater Barge Drilling
  • Crane Assisted Drill Placements



Field support is critical to every drilling project, ensuring that drillers have the right equipment, certifications, and training is essential for success. Holocene fields teams of drilling and support personnel, special equipment, and talented subcontractors. Our teams, lead by capable project managers, deliver the exact level of support needed for effective subsurface exploration.

Project preparation may include developing site-specific safety manuals, analyzing job-site hazards or using special protective equipment (PPE), and HAZWOPER training in contaminated environments. Planning may also include bringing special equipment and resources online, such as leasing barges, cranes, or specialized construction equipment essential on a challenging jobsite.

Most drilling projects are quite routine, and extraordinary project support is not necessary.

But when difficult access logistics is required, our clients rest assured we have the experience and additional resources available at a moment's notice. Drilling conditions on-site can change quickly, and having a drilling contractor with the correct project support resources who knows how to handle more complex rig access situations pays for itself very quickly.

For those occasions where project support experience truly turns from important to critical, our crews and subcontractors are always prepared to provide a solution to ensure the success of your project.