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Pulstar PH 10,000 Pump Hoist

The 10,000 HD3L Series Pump Hoist consists of a 37 ft. self-supporting telescoping mast held by two 4” x 48” hydraulic cylinders. Maximum layback is 11 ft. The basic rig consists of 15,000 lb. capacity (5,000 lb. single line, 10,000 double line, 15,000 lb triple line), 175 ft. of 7/16” rotation resistant cable, open swage socket with 11 ton hook, hydraulic outriggers, remote control, and double gear pto with direct mount heavy duty gear pump. Maximum single line speed is 160 fpm.

Pulstar PH 10,000 Length Width Height Weight Mast Height

Water Well Pump Hoist & Well Decommissioning Rig

24 ft. 8 ft. 9 ft. 5 in. 16,000 GVW 37 ft.