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Holocene has state of the art drilling equipment.

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Pump Systems & Equipment

Matching the right pump and equipment to a construction dewatering project is critical. We maintain a full line of dewatering pump equipment, ensuring our clients have the right equipment close at hand equal to your dewatering project needs.


All of our equipment is maintained in-house by experienced mechanics. Each pump undergoes a rigorous maintenance program to insure the highest level of dependability before it is delivered to the jobsite. Once in operation, our field crews ensure continuous operation and pump performance by conducting regular field maintenance,including lubrication and equipment inspections.


Dewatering Equipment

  • 2”, 4”, 6” submersible dewatering pumps
  • 12” rotary vacuum dewatering pumps
  • 6” piston vacuum dewatering pumps
  • 25 kV generator systems for submersible pump systems