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Holocene has state of the art drilling equipment.

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Repair & Maintenance

The drilling industry can be tough on machinery. Breakdowns delay projects and can significantly add to the cost of the work.

To greatly minimize downtime, Holocene Drilling employs a staff of full time, in-house mechanics and hydraulics specialists. In addition, we have full time, full-service welding and maintenance technicians on staff.

We maintain a robust inventory of critical path parts including large items such as rotary boxes, hydraulic switch banks and hydraulic hoses. Holocene keeps a large supply of new drill rod, auger and other critical path tooling in stock. We regularly rotate and recycle old and worn tooling to prevent in-field problems.

If all else fails, Holocene has several back up drill rigs that can be mobilized on short notice to continue work.

We conduct regularly scheduled maintenance on all our rigs and equipment.