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Job Site Safety  

Working safely is not only a condition of employment at Holocene, but an attitude that our employees bring to each job site and to each task every day.

Jobsite safety is the result of careful attention by all involved in day-to-day operations. Our safety-first culture is embraced by Holocene employees at all levels. Occupational safety and health for our employees and our customer’s employees is our highest priority.

Safety programs at Holocene ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, with emphasis on drilling safety standards. To ensure compliance, we routinely identify specific hazards, create detailed plans to address these hazards, and provide employees with regular and refresher training that ensures adherence to the most recent developments in safe work practices.

Holocene Corporate Health & Safety Plan (HASP)

We are committed to safe work practices, and our employees’ good judgment and common sense are the basis of the Holocene Corporate Health & Safety Plan (HASP), Site-Specific HASP program, and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). Clients can be assured that each Holocene employee has been properly trained and will always adhere to the highest levels of safe performance on each project.

Copies of our Health & Safety Manuals, or current Experience Modification Rates (EMR) or OSHA Log (TRIR) Safety Metrics are available upon request.