Drilling Methods

An overview of the various drilling methods offered by Holocene Drilling Inc.

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Sonic Drilling

A sonic drill head works by sending high frequency resonant vibrations down the drill string to the drill bit, while the operator controls these frequencies to suit the specific conditions of the soil/rock geology. Vibrations may also be generated within the drill head. The frequency is generally between 50 and 150 hertz (cycles per second) and can be varied by the operator.

Resonance magnifies the amplitude of the drill bit, which fluidizes the soil particles at the bit face, allowing for fast and easy penetration through most geological formations. An internal spring system isolates these vibrational forces from the rest of the drill rig.

Advantages of Sonic Drilling

  • Penetration in Most Materials
  • Effective to Depths in Excess of 200 ‘
  • Excellent Continuous Soil Sampling
  • 80% Reduction in Waste Production
  • Accurate and Tight Step Downs
  • Minimizes Crew Tool Handling
  • Accurate Multi-Port Installations
  • Suitable for Deep In-Situ Injections
  • Installs up to 6” Diameter Wells