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Well Decommissioning


Well decommissioning can be expensive and Holocene offers several options. If the well has been registered with the Department of Ecology and appropriate documentation is available, the wells can simply be filled from the bottom to the top with bentonite. If, however, the wells do not have a Department of Ecology well tag or log the well is required to be perforated and grouted, or drilled out. Holocene has developed a well perforation tool that can be used on the most common PVC 2" and 4" monitoring wells eliminating the need for an expensive drill out.  


Holocene also decommissions domestic and commercial steel water wells up to 8" diameter. The Department of Ecology requires that water wells be perforated, grouted and that the top portion of the well be removed. The local Health Department may have additional decommissioning requirements. Holocene can help you find the specific requirements.