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Wellpoint Jetting & Drilling

Holocene's Vacuum Wellpoint installation system provides a fast, effective, and economical dewatering wellpoint option. We partner with contractors and subcontractors to provide vacuum wellpoint installation.

About Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint dewatering involves jetting and manifolding a series a series of small diameter wellpoints along an excavation alignment or perimeter to depths up to 25’ below ground surface. A vacuum pump is then positioned at one end of the manifold and pulls water up from the bottom of the wellpoints. The water travels through the pump system into a separate discharge or recharge system.

Advantages of Wellpoint Systems

  • Control groundwater near surface through depths to 25'
  • Dewater and stabilize fine to silty soil conditions
  • Dewater when access by drill rigs is impractical
  • Effective when clay conditions are present

Wellpoint dewatering allows for groundwater control 20-25 vertical feet below ground surface. Because we are equipped with special hydraulic jetting equipment, we perform wellpoint installation quickly, efficently, and safely. Furthermore, the small footprint of our equipment makes it manuverable in tight construction sites where larger equipment is not. Feasible in cases where ground conditions prevent the use of hydraulic jetting, wellpoints are installed using conventional drilling methods such as hollow stem auger.

Dewatering Wellpoint Jetting or Drilling Services:

  • Mobilization/Demobilization
  • Start Cards and Permitting
  • Hydraulically Jetted 1.5”-3” Vacuum Well Points to 25’
  • 4300 Gallon Water Truck w/High Pressure Pump
  • Hollow-Stem Auger Vacuum Well Point Installations
  • Wellpoint Decommissioning