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Holocene just added a second Diedrich D-70 track rig to our fleet. We continue to provide a wide range of drilling services to Geotechnical, Environmental and Dewatering Professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Holocene sets the standard for safe, efficient and cost-effective drilling. We operate truck and track mounted auger rigs, mud rotary, rock coring, sonic, direct push probe and specialty drill rigs for both urban and remote locations. Read more about the most modern track rigs in the Pacific Northwest in our Equipment section.

Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical site investigations help determine subsurface soil conditions, including stability, soil classification, and formation changes.  They also examine groundwater depth, movement, and its impact on soil stability. Holocene provides a wide variety of geotechnical drilling services.

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Environmental Drilling

A typical subsurface, environmental site investigation is intended to determine the presence or absence of contaminated soil and water in lateral extent and depth. Holocene Drilling has conducted hundreds of environmental site investigations utilizing our auger, sonic and direct push rigs.

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Dewatering Drilling

Water on the job site can introduce environmental hazards, and threatens the foundation of the soil. Holocene provides dewatering plans, pumps, and HydroJetting services to control groundwater flow, optimize soil for construction, and keep a project on schedule.

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New Track Rig:
Diedrich D-70

Same size as our workhorse D-50 with 20% more power. Rubber tracks, auger, mud, coring, Tier 4 emissions.

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Meet The Team

Holocene has attracted and retained some of the best drilling crews in the industry. We stress safety, teamwork and technical training both in the classroom and on the job. Our crews are enthusiastic, motivated and highly professional. We cross-train our employees, promote from within and the overall job satisfaction of our people is a top priority.

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Our Equipment

Our drill rigs are Holocene’s workhorses. Each offers various drilling methods designed to meet geotechnical and environmental drilling objectives. Subsurface geology, site accessibility, sampling methodology, and project location all help us determine the ideal rig for a project.

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