“I’ve been working exclusively with Holocene Drilling for over a decade and spanning hundreds of projects. They are responsive, innovative, fair and cognizant of our clients’ budget even when the drilling gets tough. They always get the job done. I’m not sure why you would hire someone else if Holocene is available.”
Client: Calvin McCaughan, Landau Inc.
Location: Olympia, WA

“I understand we finished drilling today up at the Lynnwood Transit Center, which wraps up the current phase of field work. I want to convey my appreciation for the skill, hard work and flexibility the team has demonstrated in safely and successfully completing 65 borings (total footage of over ¾ mile) over the lasts 3 months. Drilling through the winter wasn’t choice #1 but I’m proud of our team and what we’ve accomplished. Please convey my appreciation to your crews and I look forward to continuing field work later this year.”
Client: Tim Bailey, PE, Geotechnical Engineer; GeoEngineers, Inc.
Location: Redmond, WA

Just wanted to thank you and your guys for being such a professional operation. Everything went great Monday night, the crew was fantastic. I love working with people I don’t have to worry about the interaction with some of my young, inexperienced staff and the crew left the site cleaner than they found it.  Thanks again. Pete
Client: Peter Palmerson, Terracon
Location: Redmond, WA

“I wanted to reach out and tell you that due to the awareness of your crew we experienced a Near Miss that could have had a very different outcome. Due to incorrect information, we placed a boring directly over a horizontally bored 8-inch intermediate pressure natural gas pipe. We were told that the pipe was 5.5 feet below ground surface so extended our pre-clearance to 7.5 feet in order to confirm that the borehole was clear of the 8-inch pipe. Turns out we were centered directly over the pipe. Luckily there was no damage to the pipe, after exposing it. The outcome could have been extremely dangerous to the health of all those involved. Please give my thanks to your crew for their hard work and attention to subsurface conditions.”
Client: Brad Jackson, Project Professional; Antea Group
Location: Redmond, WA

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the professional job your crew did up in lone for us. Also, I would like to pass along a compliment from the business owner at the worksite, he said he was impressed by the professional attitude of your crew.”
Client: Huckleberry Palmer, PE, Site Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program; Department of Ecology, Eastern Regional Office
Location: Spokane, WA

“I just wanted to say your crew did a solid piece of work out there today. They were very pleasant, accommodating and professional. I expected them to take 2 days, but they got it all done in one day. RJ ran a good crew, and everyone was happy.”
Client: Chris V. Pitre, LG, LHG, CWRE; Coho Water Resources
Location: Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job of protecting the site and performing the well decommissioning on the Kazda property for the City of Tumwater. Since this was my first well decommissioning, it was great to work with a contractor that is professional and responsive to the situation. I especially appreciated that you placed the plastic sheeting on the site and used rubber mats for the well rig truck tires. It made for easy work on my end, without any complaints from the property owner. I have also received feedback from the property owner that the site meets his expectations for restoration. He also stated that you did a great job! I hope that we are able to work together again in the future.”
Client: Amy Georgeson, Water Resource Specialist; City of Tumwater
Location: Tumwater, WA

“We are currently in the midst of a large shoring and excavation project in Seattle which has us juggling subcontractors from a few different industries. After working with them, we’d just like to take the time to say what a pleasure working with Holocene is. You are extremely accommodating anytime we need to get a drill or vac job on the books last second and your crews always show up on time, prepared to work, and willing to work safely. While the whole Holocene operation is light years beyond others."
Client: CARDNO
Location: Seattle, WA

“Hey folks, I wanted to share how pleased I have been with Holocene’s sonic crew this week. We have been drilling inside a working warehouse, and they have been very conscientious about keeping their area compact and leaving it spotlessly clean to allow the tenant to operate as seamlessly as possible. Today we’re outside in a REALLY tight spot and they figured out how to make it work without complaint. The driller on this crew is Zack Bailey, and his helpers Jason and Jordan have been standouts as well. Anyhow, just an FYI if you have any sonic projects coming up. I will definitely try to use these guys again.”
Client: Confidential

“I just wanted to give Kudos to Jerrod, Jordan, and Phillip, they were awesome last week. I know it’s hard to change your sleep schedule for one night. Every time I’ve worked with them, they are always very professional and efficient. It made working that night much easier, so thank you!”
Client: Christina Languell, EIT; Terracon

“I rarely get a chance to get out behind a drill rig anymore, so it was a real pleasure to drill with Matt and crew last week. My experience with Matt’s crew reinforced the 100% confidence I have when getting Holocene out on my drilling projects and in the permitting and public eye. Thank you for all you do to be an incredible partner on some really great projects.”
Client: Tim Bailey, PE; GeoEngineers, Inc.

“I wanted to shoot you an email to thank you again for lunch out at Thomas Jefferson High School this past Sunday, February 24th. It was such a joy to talk to you about the local geology and review samples with someone as equally excited about glacial soils. I also wanted to make a note that the crew you provided for the work all weekend was absolutely exceptional. Zach was a pleasure to work with, as were all of his helpers (Jason, Josh, Jared, and Cory). Their patience and positive attitude made the work we were doing a true delight, and their upbeat demeanor made the work pass by so quickly and truly made the experience fun. I sincerely cannot wait to work with them again. Thank you again for everything!”
Client: Angela Gelfer; Associated Earth Sciences, Inc.

“Both crews were fine to work with – good attitudes make such a difference. But number 1 was the good sample quality from the rotosonic. Very little was cooked. Also appreciated their patience with some of our younger staff who hadn’t seen rotosonic before. We tested lake grove this week and will test Thomas Jefferson next week.”
Client: Jennifer H. Saltonstall, L.G., L.Hg.